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Est. 1985

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Alun Jenkins

Hello, I am Alun Jenkins the owner of The Executive Club. I set out to provide the very highest standards of honesty and service to our clients. I am fully engaged in the running of the agency and personally interview 99% of our prospective clients.




With 30 years experience, Alun runs one to one training on relationships. The courses, range from how to meet and date the opposite sex, then make it the best date of their life. Full details see



This website is honest, some say brutal, as we tell it as it is.

The information provided is what Alun would have wanted introduction agencies to tell him before joining. They didn't, he found them woolly and vague so he set up his own. We promise that when you deal with us, we will always be very honest and treat you as though you were our best friend.


We have for 30 years refined our service and set standards other professional introduction agencies have yet to meet.


We're the ONLY dating agency to estimate your likely

success rate before joining in writing with MONEY BACK

guarantees both about the quality of people you will meet and the quantity

you will meet in 1 year with a % success rate prediction tailored to you.

Alun's Story

After a 12 year marriage Alun found himself single again bringing up two children aged 7 and 9. After taking advice from his single friends it appeared that in 1985 dating agencies were a bit shabby. After an uninspiring conversation with a dating agency, with a complete lack of clarity about just what they could do for the money, Alun set up The Executive Club of St James's in 1985 (called Makeadate back then).


Alun like most of us had several relationships lasting a number of years but never found that "special one " that you would ache to spend your life with. For ethical reasons Alun never dated clients other than as friends. Then one day in 1993 at a dinner party Alun sat next to client and the chemistry for both of them was overwhelming. They dated, nine months later they got married, nine months after that they had a son and 5 years later a daughter. Alun always says he is the happiest man on the planet with a wife to die for, a 10 year old son and a 5 year old daughter, Aluns desire is for his clients to find the supreme happiness he enjoys from a magic relationship, for all his members


You are welcome to call Alun personally on 0207 930 55552 from 8am to 9pm (and usually at weekends as well but no promises).


All our prices are explained in the FAQ's section

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